Xi Jinping attended the Global Health Summit and delivered an important speech

2021-05-22 03:57

Xi Jinping attended the Global Health Summit and delivered an important speech


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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 21. On the evening of May 21, President Xi Jinping was invited to attend the Global Health Summit in Beijing by video and delivered an important speech entitled "Joining Hands to Build a Community of Human Health."

Xi Jinping pointed out that for more than a year, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has fluctuated repeatedly, and the most serious infectious disease pandemic in a century is still raging. Overcoming the epidemic and restoring economic growth at an early date are the primary tasks of the international community. The members of the G20 should shoulder their responsibilities in global anti-epidemic cooperation and focus on improving the ability and level of responding to major public health emergencies.

Xi Jinping made 5 points:

First, insist that the people are supreme and life is supreme. The fight against the epidemic is for the people, and we must rely on the people. We must take great political responsibility and courage to deal with extraordinary things with extraordinary actions, and earnestly respect the life value and dignity of everyone, and ensure that the lives of the people are less affected and the social order Generally normal.

Second, persist in implementing scientific policies and co-ordinate and systematically respond. It is necessary to coordinate drug and non-pharmaceutical intervention measures, coordinate normalized precision prevention and control and emergency response, and coordinate epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. The G20 members should adopt responsible macroeconomic policies to maintain the safe and smooth operation of the global industrial chain and supply chain, and continue to support developing countries, especially vulnerable countries with extreme difficulties.

Third, persist in helping each other in the same boat and advocate unity and cooperation. We must uphold the concept of a community of human health and resolutely oppose various attempts to politicize, label, and stigmatize. Political manipulation will not help the country's fight against the epidemic at all. It will only disrupt international cooperation in the fight against the epidemic and cause more harm to the people of all countries in the world.

Fourth, adhere to fairness and reasonableness and bridge the "immunity gap." We must abandon "vaccine nationalism", solve the problem of vaccine production and distribution, and increase the accessibility and affordability of developing countries. Vaccine research and development and production countries should take responsibility and provide more vaccines to developing countries in urgent need. Multilateral financial institutions should provide financing support for developing countries to purchase vaccines. The World Health Organization must accelerate the implementation of the "New Coronary Pneumonia Vaccine Implementation Plan."

Fifth, adhere to both the symptoms and the root causes and improve the governance system. It is necessary to strengthen and give play to the role of the United Nations and the World Health Organization, insist on consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, and better reflect the reasonable demands of developing countries. It is necessary to improve monitoring and early warning and emergency response capabilities, major epidemic treatment capabilities, emergency material reserves and guarantee capabilities, capabilities to combat false information, and capabilities to provide support to developing countries.

In order to continue to support global solidarity to fight the epidemic, Xi Jinping announced:

——China will provide another US$3 billion in international aid in the next three years to support developing countries’ fight against the epidemic and restore economic and social development.

—— China has supplied 300 million doses of vaccines to the world, and will do its best to provide more vaccines to the outside world.

——China supports its own vaccine companies to transfer technology to developing countries and carry out cooperative production.

—— China has announced its support for the intellectual property rights exemption for the new crown pneumonia vaccine, and it also supports the World Trade Organization and other international institutions to make an early decision on this.

—— China proposes to establish an international forum for vaccine cooperation, where vaccine production and development countries, companies, and stakeholders will discuss how to promote a fair and reasonable distribution of global vaccines.

Xi Jinping finally emphasized that let us work together to promote the construction of a human health and health community, and to jointly protect human health and a bright future!

The Global Health Summit is a joint initiative of Italy and the European Commission, the chairman of the Group of Twenty. The meeting was conducted by video, mainly discussing cooperation in response to the epidemic and strengthening future pandemic prevention and other issues. (Reproduced)