Maoxiang wine market ushered in a big outbreak

2020-03-09 00:00 朱金中

According to experience, every year after the Spring Festival, the price of Maotai, the first brother of liquor and the leader of Maotai, will fall. However, after the Spring Festival in 2017, people not only did not see the signs of falling Moutai prices, but soared all the way. If it weren't for Moutai Distillery's emergency price-limiting policy, I would not have imagined what the price of Moutai is now. Against this background, hundreds of sauce-flavored wine companies in Renhuai City, Guizhou have also rioted. Will sauce-flavored wine usher in a major market outbreak?

    Phenomenon one

    Maoxiang wine expands the market "full firepower"

    Since the beginning of this year, the sauce-flavored wine market has suddenly exerted strength, which can be seen in the Henan market.

    Xijiu, the core Maotai wine brand under the Maotai Group, has made full use of its power this year in order to expand the Henan market. At the recent large-scale donation event of "Xijiu·My University" Zhengzhou Station, the chairman of Xijiu Zhang Deqin rushed from Guizhou to Henan to participate in the event.

    In addition, Xijiu also plans to hold a number of large-scale tasting activities of "Xijiu·My Wine Taster" this year. At the same time, with the support of the factory, the general distributor of Xijiu Zhengzhou and Henan Guozong Liquor Co., Ltd. have carried out a series of actions. The number of Xijiu signs on expressways in Henan Province has increased, and a number of marketing tasks have been carried out, such as weddings. At the wedding banquet, buy Xijiu and send Xijiu activities, and exchange three bottle caps for a bottle of Xijiu, etc. In addition, Xi Distillery will also invite some consumers in Henan this year to visit Xi Distillery in Guizhou and carry out activities such as red tourism.

    Chen Xiangqian, general manager of Xijiu Henan Company, introduced that under the guidance of Moutai, it will definitely help the series of products of Moutai Group. Therefore, taking advantage of the momentum, Xi Jiu is also stepping up to new heights this year.

    At the same time, Kweichow Moutai Group, the leader of Maotai liquor, is not only the largest one in Feitian Moutai, but also increased the number of Maotai liquors such as Hanjiang, Renjiu, Huamao, Wangmao, Lai Mao, and Guizhou Daqu. Marketing companies have been established in many provinces across the country, aiming to keep the high-end market and seize the mid-range sauce-flavored wine market.

    In addition, well-known Maotai wine brands such as Langjiu and Jinsha Jiangjiu have also been deeply involved in the Henan market. Guotai, Wuyoujiu, Taijiafangjiu, Yelang Gujiu and other Maotaizhen sauce and wine brands have also increased their presence in the Henan market. Expansion of the Henan market.

    Especially under the leadership of Zunyi City Liquor Industry Association and Renhuai City Liquor Industry Association in Guizhou Province, more sauce-flavored wine companies are eyeing the Henan market. In the Zhengzhou International Sugar and Wine Fair held in the first half of this year alone, more than 30 sauce-flavor liquor companies organized groups to participate and actively carried out product display and investment promotion.

    Suddenly, the sauce-flavored wine enterprises "full firepower", suddenly ushered in the market explosion.

    Phenomenon two

    Consumers are chasing sauce-flavored wine, and sauce-flavored wine companies are struggling to make money

    The market influence of Moutai cannot be underestimated, and its leading role in the Maotai liquor market is also obvious.

    Kong Lei, general distributor of Xijiu Zhengzhou and chairman of Henan Guozong Liquor Industry Co., Ltd., said that under the influence of Moutai and the influence of healthy drinking concepts, the market atmosphere of Maotai-flavored liquor has become apparent. In the first five months of this year, Xijiu's sales have increased by 64.5% over the same period last year, which illustrates this problem well.

    "The situation of sauce-flavored wine is very good." said Lu Yuhua, the executive chairman of the Zunyi Liquor Industry Association in Guizhou Province. For several consecutive years, sauce-flavored wine companies have organized groups to Zhengzhou, Wuhan and other places, including Guizhou Province, to concentrate their superior resources and increase their exposure to sauces. The promotion of fragrant wine has made the consumption atmosphere of sauce fragrant wine better and better, and consumers' awareness and acceptance of sauce fragrant wine has also become higher and higher. This year, with the rising price of Moutai, many Maotai wine companies have also brought market opportunities.

    Wu Jiagao, Chairman of Wuyou Liquor, introduced that since the beginning of this year, under the leadership of Moutai, the overall market share of Maotai Liquor has been significantly expanded. Only Wuyou Liquor has also increased by 20% over the same period last year.

    Chen Biao, chairman of the Pearl Winery, said that the company’s Taijiafang wine was the best-selling at around 300 yuan. This year, the mid-to-high-end Taijiafang wine is selling for four to five hundred yuan a bottle because these wines are very close to those of Moutai. Taste.

    Sure enough, because of the high price of Moutai, some consumers who originally only drank Moutai began to try other Maotai wines.

    A retired cadre often bought Moutai out of his own pocket when he was in office. Now that he is retired, the price of Moutai has risen, so he has purchased more boxes of Maotai wine for about 600 yuan a bottle this year. He said: "The taste will not change after you get used to it. I like the taste of Maotai wine. Moutai can't be drunk anymore, and you can drink it with a similar taste."

    Analysis 1

    Maotai's price increase drives market consumption of sauce-flavored wine

    "I have known that Moutai has been increasing in price. I stocked more Moutai last year and now I am making money." This is the sentiment of many winemakers this year.

    The reason is that last year until the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the price of Baijiu boss and sauce leader Feitian Moutai just exceeded 900 yuan, and two or three months ahead, the price of Feitian Moutai was still around 860 yuan per bottle.

    This year, the price of Feitian Moutai has soared. If it weren't for the Maotai Distillery's emergency offering of the price-limiting flag, the price of Feitian Moutai would really be "flying".

    Moreover, Feitian Moutai sells well in the market where a bottle is hard to find, and demand exceeds supply everywhere. If you don't find acquaintances, it has become a luxury to buy a box of Moutai.

    It is under this background that provides a certain market space for other sauce-flavored wines.

    "Everything that is good has one characteristic: you are not used to it at the beginning, and you will become addicted in the end. For example, coffee, cola, etc." said Niu Enkun, chairman of Liangjian Consulting. The same is true for sauce-flavored wine. Many consumers may not be accustomed to the sauce-flavored taste. But once you like it, you will become the most loyal consumer.

    Analysis 2

    The quality of Maoxiang wine wins the trust of consumers

    There are many flavors of Chinese liquor, and each has its own merits. Take the fragrant liquor as an example, this may be the most international scent, which is deeply loved by foreign consumers. But why can Maotai-flavored liquor stand out, and the era of Maotai-flavored liquor can gain consumers' approval?

    "From the consumer's point of view, the hot sauce-flavored wine is actually a helpless choice for the uneven quality and mixed results of the liquor industry in these years!" Niu Enkun, chairman of Liangjian Consulting Company, analyzed that the national standard for soy-flavored liquor is clearly stated. It is stipulated that Maotai-flavored liquor must not be added with edible alcohol and non-liquor fermentation products that produce aroma, taste and color. It needs to use sorghum, wheat, water, etc. as raw materials, and be made by traditional solid-state fermentation.

    Yang Guang, chairman of Beijing Zhengyitang's strategic consulting agency, predicted: "In the next five years, the size of the middle class that will occupy a dominant position in society will exceed 500 million. The consumption characteristics of the middle class are brand and quality consumption; the sauce-flavored wine market in the next 3 to 5 years The scale has exceeded 100 billion, and the consumption characteristics of the new middle class are highly compatible with the characteristics of sauce-flavored wine, and a new round of wealth opportunities is highlighted."

    Yang Guang also warned dealers that if they miss the wealth opportunity of Moutai, they should not miss the opportunity of Moutai series.

    Analysis 3

    Shortfall in supply creates a bright future for the Maoxiang wine market

    The reporter visited Maotai Town and learned that from 2014 to 2016, as Feitian Maotai plummeted from a high price of 2,300 yuan to more than 800 yuan, most of the wine companies in Maotai Town that mainly produced raw wine stopped production.

    Industry expert Li Jiping analyzed that short supply is the main reason for the prosperity of the Maotai wine market. As the price of Moutai continues to rise, this contradiction between supply and demand will reach its highest point from 2018 to 2019, when the price of Maotai wine will rise.

    Niu Enkun said that Maotai's iron powder is basically concentrated in Feitian Moutai, which is more than 1,000 yuan, and the mid-end market for sauce-flavored wine with 500-800 yuan may usher in an unprecedented "strangulation". In addition to Maotai Han sauce, Langjiu, Xijiu and other traditional sauce-flavored wine giants, some regional liquors have entered the sauce-flavored wine market. Even if it may not eventually become a climate, it will disrupt the market, not to mention there are many traditional sauce-flavored wine companies.

    Sun Qian, chairman of Zhijun Marketing Planning Co., Ltd., believes that Maotai is the world of Maotai, and Xijiu is also a member of Maotai. It is difficult for Maotai wines outside of Moutai to be in the top position, and the situation of Moutai's dominance will become clearer and clearer.

    The sauce-flavored wine market is now facing a reshuffle and redefinition. Nowadays, the battle of sauce-flavored wine is in full swing. Who can have the last laugh? In the end, the competition is still internal strength-relying on the quality of the wine and the cultivation of the market!

    Zhao Shumin, chief engineer of Henan Liquor Industry Association, believes that the price of Moutai has not yet reached its peak, and may still rise sharply. In this way, it is a good opportunity for other sauce-flavored wine brands. Mao-flavored wine companies should seize the opportunity and develop rapidly. (Reprinted article)